Radiance Distance Program For NEET

Radiance most comprehensive distance courses for NEET.

Radiance Distance Learning courses is the similar that one can get to a classroom programme for NEET preparation. This course has been prepared based on our experience in successfully training thousands of students for NEET and various other Entrance exams. The well-researched course material in our courses ensures comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts, with solved examples, short-cuts and strategies for improvement of performance.

The Distance Program are aimed at those students who prefer to prepare on their own – for various reasons, such as –

  • They are situated far off and cannot attend classroom courses
  • Their work/academic commitments do not leave them enough time to attend classes.

Our study material and test papers are prepared after carefully researching test papers of previous years, ensuring that you get the best and most relevant course material. Our complete study material is updated as per the latest exam patterns widely acknowledged by students as the most exhaustive and up-to-date in the market.

Details of The Course Offerings

  • Full set of Study material – Detailed theory, Illustrative Examples, systematically planned Exercises containing unsolved problems of various types and various difficulty levels – Total of 28 booklets containing wide variety problems. Right from the first day of your preparation, you get a feel of various approaches and techniques through these detailed books. Detailed Self-Explanatory Solutions to The Exercises Is Also Provided with the package.
  • Cumulative Tests – 6 tests in each subject testing the aspirant’s knowledge in 3 to 4 units. Set as per the latest questioning patterns used in NEET.
  • Revision Tests – 10 Revision tests at the NEET level in each subject, breaking up the entire syllabus into 10 modules helps you to build a systematic revision mechanism. 6 more Revision tests at the NEET level will complete the revision process and develop conceptual insight by exposing aspirants to multi-conceptual questions.
  • 10 NEET (UG) (Pen & Paper) Mock Tests – 10 full syllabus Mock tests to help you prepare for your actual NEET exam day. You will be given the opportunity to compare your level of preparation vis-a-vis the national competition through three Online National Mock Tests to be conducted in the months of Oct – Dec 2021. When these exams are taken in a simulated exam environment, the aspirants will fine tune their time management and exam pressure handling skills.
  • 10 NEET (Pen & Paper) Mock Tests – 10 full syllabus Mock Tests consisting of two papers each, set as per the latest pattern will train you for the NEET exam. These six hour exams will help prepare not only on the knowledge and skill front but also on the physical standing.
  • Self-Explanatory Detailed Solutions to all the above – Though answer keys are attached with the books, these detailed solutions to the exercises in the study material booklets will guide your preparation in the right way. You will also receive detailed solutions for all the tests sent to you.
  • 2 Online practice tests for AIIMS 2021 – AIIMS being an online test, you will require exposure to these tests. You will be provided with a user id and password and you can access these tests using those id & password.
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